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Spinal Cord

Nerves are longs strands made up of nerve cells. These nerve cells are different from other cells. They have a cell body like others however they have a long tail like structure ar the end called the axon to the cell more length. The nerve cell works by sending electrical impulses through the cell which then passes on to the next. These impulses happen through the use of the Sodium-Potassium pump. The structure of these nerve cells are pretty long making them capable of stretching long distances.


The Nerves of Alfonso the Fetal Pig

Below is an example of a nerve off of Alfonso's spine, also known as a spinal nerve. This nerve is exactly what was explained above. It is long strands of nerve cells which electrical impulses carry down.


The Nerves of Angelica the Starfish

The nervous system of a starfish is very different than that of the pig. The starfish has a central nervous system that has five radial nerves jutting out into each of the five legs. Each of these five nerves is connected in the middle to the nerve ring as depicted below. This allows the starfish to have radial symmetry. The nerves in this case are in charge of all forms of controlling and storing memory. They aid in the directional system of the starfish and help keep the starfish balanced.


The radial nerves are located in the legs of the starfish. They are really hard to pick out but a cross section of the leg would show the exact location better as depicted in the below diagram.