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Figure 3.4: Parts of Frog Brain

The frog has a highly developed nervous system (which consists of a brain, a spinal cord, and nerves) and is similar to that of the humans. The frogs brain is very similar to that of the humans in that it has a medulla oblongata, a cerebellum, and a cerebrum. The cerebrum of the frog though is very small when it is compared to that of the humans. In humans the cerbrum is very important but it is not so in the frogs. The medulla oblongata in the frogs controls the automatic functions such as digestions or respiration, and the cerebellum controls the posture of the body and the muscle coordination. The frog has ten pairs of cranial nerves and ten pairs of spinal nerves where as the human has 12 cranial nerves and 30 pairs of spinal nerves.