Fran├žois the Mussel


The Mussel's nervous system is different than that of the others. It is most like the starfish because it does not have a brain. However, mussels do have nerves since they are able to open and close and something must be tirggered for these actions to occur.This is a quick reading from a zoology book on page 149 of the following website: nervous system&source=web&ots=l5bdWAuPFb&sig=w8J5ZvEqR3NgDdYxVmCjFYkRxWU#PPA249,M1


This is somewhat hard to follow if one does not have an understanding of the anatomy of mussels. Basically this is saying that nerves connect the cerebropleural ganglion vertically from the top to bottom.

Although the there is not a well known understanding of the mussel's nervous system, the most important aspect of it is that there is no brain or central nervous system. This is where is greatly differs from all the other animals.